Targeted eurythmy therapy movement exercises help people to regain a healthy balance between their physical, mental and spiritual powers. This stimulates and utilises the person's self-healing powers.

The eurythmy therapy movements have an effect on the physical body from 'inside' to 'outside' via the vital or etheric body.
In eurythmy therapy, each element of movement has a specific relationship to the processes of our organism. The therapeutic effect is to be understood holistically. The client is actively involved in shaping this process.


On this basis, I offer eurythmy therapy sessions by arrangement, in individual sessions or in small groups.


The individual sessions will be about coming into conscious contact with yourself and your body, releasing emotional and mental blockages and aligning yourself with your higher potential in harmony with your heart. The eurythmic "exercises", which we co-ordinate together for you, can vibrate into deep layers on a physical, emotional or mental level in this process and provide daily support and reorientation in everyday life.
These then only take a few minutes a day or more if you want to 'bathe' in them as much as you would in a meditative contemplation, for example, except that you can enjoy it with your body in gentle, meaningful movement.

Body, mind and soul are equally involved in this process.

In my mediating and supportive therapeutic work, I rely on the knowledge I have learnt, but also on my intuition and my fine body awareness. I connect with the light-filled, spiritual world in order to receive impulses for the more precise and meaningful elements for the person seeking help.

It is also a pleasure for me to bring the beauty of eurythmy movements, which I find to be absolutely meaningful and aesthetic, closer to people. It is like vibrating the colours and facets of light into matter through movement as dance.



Eurythmy sessions:


An individual session on site takes about 1 hour in total.


It is important to rest for about 10 minutes after the eurythmy session so that the movements can be fully absorbed into the physical body through the vital body.


One session: 40 Euro


If an on-site session is not possible, sessions can also be given over the Internet via ZOOM by prior arrangement.



Please let me know your personal request for a session in advance by email.

Medical diagnoses will be discussed in person.



Group work can be organised by arrangement.

In addition to individual sessions, I also offer intensive support over several days in our guest house.


To get to know eurythmie therapie or to start an healing process, please contact me:



Eurythmy therapy is a movement therapy developed by Rudolf Steiner at the beginning of the 20th century. In eurythmy therapy, the sounds of speech in eurythmy are modified and used in a differentiated way for healing purposes.


The basic elements of eurythmy therapy are the sounds of speech transformed into movement, which are used in a specialised way depending on the indication and therapeutic objective. Vowels, consonants and sound elements each correspond to their own gestures and gestures. The therapeutic effect is to be understood holistically. The client is actively involved in shaping this process.


I studied eurythmy and eurythmy therapy from 2009 to 2014 and started working in the field of research during my studies.


A glimpse into Eurythmy from Cynthia Hutchison


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