Eurythmytherapy is a movement therapy developed by Rudolf Steiner at the beginning of the 20th century. In Eurythmytherapy, the speech sounds of eurythmy are modified and used in a differentiated way for healing purposes in order to stimulate the self-healing powers of the human being.

The basic elements of Eurythmytherapy are the sounds of speech transformed into movement, which are applied specifically according to indication and therapeutic objective. Vowels and consonants correspond to gestures and gestures of their own. Specific eurythmy movement exercises help the person to regain a healthy balance between physical, mental and spiritual forces.

The eurythmy movements work through the movement of the vital or etheric body from the outside to the inside. Every sound, every movement has a certain effect on the processes of our organism. Eurythmytherapy thus works specifically like a medicine - right into the function of individual organs and organ systems. The human being is always to be seen as a whole. Eurythmytherapy works on these different levels. The patient is actively involved in this process.

On this basis, I offer Eurythmytherapy sessions by appointment, in small groups or in individual sessions.
I studied eurythmy and curative eurythmy for 5 years and have been working in the research field.
In my mediating and supporting therapeutic work I rely on the knowledge I have learned, but also on my fine body feeling. I connect with the light-filled, spiritual world to get impulses for the more precise 'treatment' for the person seeking help. In this point, however, I am still at the beginning with my 'education'.
In addition, it is my pleasure to bring the beauty of eurythmic movements, which I find absolutely meaningful and aesthetic, to the people. It is like vibrating the colors and facets of light through the movement as dance into matter.



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